Computers/ IT

AV Warehousing & Crating is proud to use PACK-EASY™ in its daily operations.

This web based system enables our employees and customers to access information from anywhere in the world in REAL TIME via the internet.

The system has cellular technology enabling our clients to log into the system remotely to view the status of their P.O.’s, all warehouse information, shipping status, etc. by simply using their assigned user I.D. and password from anywhere in the world.

PACK-EASY™ is used to process all material for domestic and international shipments by providing everything needed for export packing, warehousing, material tracking and logistics.

Key Benefits

  • Purchase orders are received electronically and maintained in a web based environment at the item and project level from receiving until destination.
  • Expediting by date required and promised date provides our customers with timely shipments, accurate schedules and properly managed inventory levels.
  • Efficient warehouse management using optional bar-coding, RFID technology and producing material receipts. All warehouse conditions are tracked electronically including inventory and on-hand.
  • Packing can be done by Radio Frequency using bar-coding or RFID technology eliminating costly incorrect shipments to the wrong place and wrong customer.
  • Export packing lists, Pro-Forma commercial invoices, containerized packing lists, dock delivery forms, inventory reports, on-hand reports and much more are easily produced by the system.
  • PRIVATE CLOUD environment enabling us to operate the system remotely all over the world. The PRIVATE CLOUD provides each customer with a virtual system that operates as if he has his own export packing system in his office.

For more information on the benefits of PACK-EASY™ for our clients, please contact us.

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